TFH Clinical Intensive Retreats @ Serra Retreat in Malibu , California

Clinical Intensive Touch for Health Workshop- Muscle Testing

 TFH Clinical Intensive Retreat ($2400*) 2020

The TFH Synthesis (TFH 1-4) in an intensive 7-day format, including CLINICAL IMMERSION at beautiful Serra Retreat in the Malibu Hills, over-looking the Malibu Lagoon and Pacific Ocean.

November 2020 @ Serra Retreat will be the ONLY in-person TFH class for 2020.

NOTE: Due to COVID-19 We will stay in our "bubble" at the retreat center for 7 days. Private room & bathroom for each participant. ALL lecture, demonstration and practice will be OUTSIDE. We will practice optimum use of distance, masks, and hygiene.

Experience balancing for your own authentic goals, both as demonstration for the class, and as independent practice with your class peers. Emphasis on each member receiving several balances from the instructor and from their peers to FEEL it, and observations of many demonstrations by the instructor.
NO PRE-REQUISITE (an excellent clinical review of 1-4 techniques if you have had the weekend workshops)

• CLINICAL:  When Dr. John Thie retired from 30 years of chiropractic practice, he designed what he felt was the ideal setting for working with clients; a retreat in which each client receives several balancings over several days, and observes others being balanced, as well as learning and practicing the techniques that they experience and observe.

Matthew Thie continues in this tradition, balancing each participant for their own personal issues and goals, whether they be physical, energetic, mental/emotional, spiritual, etc.  It is recommended that each participant bring 3-5 life issues that they would like to explore and balance during the retreat.  The entire IKC TFH 1-4 curriculum will be covered, with opportunities to practice with other participants, primarily in the evenings.

• INTENSIVE: Partly to accomodate people traveling from other states and other countries, and partly to offer an in-depth immersion into the system, the 7-day Residential class in Malibu, is very INTENSIVE, incorporating 60 hours of training into 7 days, including Morning, Afternoon, and Evening (independent) practice sessions.  This allows the avid student to complete the 4 basic levels in 7 consecutive days of Workshops.

CHECK-IN TIME at Serra Retreat on Monday is 9AM and we get started by 10AM. on the first day, and we close at noon on the last day.

• RETREAT: The Retreat at the Franciscan Serra Retreat Center, on a hilltop in Malibu, California  is a true Retreat.  Accomodation* and meals are included in the price of the workshop (from Lunch on day one to Breakfast on the last day), allowing a complete immersion in the TFH system, and time for quiet contemplation, away from  the everyday world (there are no televisions or telephones in the basic "monk's quarters" style of rooms).  It is not recommended that any excursions from the Retreat be planned during the workshop days. 

* Rooms are basic, with NO PHONE or Television. Each room shares adjoining bathroom with 1 other room. Please call for discount for couples/partners/friends signing up together and sharing a room (single beds). 213 482 4480.

Clinical Intensive Workshop/ Retreat - Malibu ONLY, Nov 16-22, 2020

TFH 1-4 in a seven day residential retreat at Serra Retreat, Monday-Sunday, (includes room and board from Monday Lunch to Sunday Breakfast)
Pay the complete $2400.00*  for 7-Day Intensive
(7 Days Retreat IN MALIBU)

(*SAVE $50 for complete PRE-Payment)

 at the Franciscan Serra Retreat Center, a Malibu hilltop , Overlooking the Pacific & Malibu Lagoon ____________________________________________________________________________