Advanced TFH (Instructor) Training Workshop 2019

At Serra Retreat in Malibu, California

Muscle Testing

Touch for Health Training Workshop ($2400*)

This is the advanced TFH Training Workshop that is increasingly considered an integral part of (TFH) Kinesiology practitioner training (It is a requirement for the new TFH Consultant designation as well as the Certified TFH Instructor qualification). It is a 60 hour intensive and is a great way to sharpen skills, add depth to knowledge and gain confidence in using TFH. Deepen your background knowledge of the history and philosophy of TFH and the theories behind the various Reflex Systems. You will learn through intensive participation in class practice and presentations.

This course is oriented to communicating TFH in an educational, self-responsibility model, whether one on one or in formal TFH workshops. It is open to anyone who wants to deepen their knowledge and skills through intensive workshop participation.  Upon successful completion, you MAY APPLY for certification through the International Kinesiology College, and the TFH Kinesiology Association (USA) as a TFH Instructor of TFH 1-4, and TFH short courses (additional $180 registration/membership fee with the IKC and TFH Kinesiology Association of America). Even if you begin with no intention to teach the workshops, you may be inspired to do so by the end!

PRE-REQUISITE: TFH 1-4, Records of minimum 20 practic sessions from 1-4 (or Workbook), Proficiency Workshop & Written Exam.

TFH Proficiency Workshop and Exam will be held in Los Angeles, Nov 30-Dec 2, 2019, but also in with FRENCH TRANSLATION, June 15-16.

The 2019 TFH Training Workshop will be held at Serra Retreat, Malibu, California with FRENCH translation in June, and in English-only in December.


TFH Proficiency Weekend/ TFH INSTRUCTOR skills UPDATE  ($450*)

 including Practical and Written Assessment (Pre-requisite to Instructor Training Workshop)

your TFH 1-4 skills & assess your proficiency !
The certificate of proficiency is required to continue on to the
advanced TFH Training/Instructor Certification.

PRE-REQUISITE: TFH 1-4; A MINIMUM total of 20 documented practice balancing sessions
                                        using Level 1-4 balancing techniques (or prior Instructor Cert.)

*$50 Discount for Pre-Payment

2019 Proficiency/Update


Touch for Health Training Workshop, Malibu, December 2019($2150*)

Pre-PAY $2350  TOTAL COST FOR WORKSHOP (includes Non-refundable $250 DEPOSIT & $50 discount for prepayment)

NOTE: The December 2019 Training Workshop will be presented in the Malibu + L.A. format.

December 2-6 will be held in Malibu, including room and board from Lunch on Monday December 2 to breakfast on Friday December 6. No Room and board Friday afternoon - Sunday afternoon, December 8.

* Rooms are basic, with NO PHONE or Television. 1 participant per room, sharing adjoining bathroom with 1 other room.

Dec 2019 Training Workshop Full Payment

Cancellation Policy: UP TO 30 days prior  to class, your entire payment is transferable to the next year, or to a TFH Intensive within a 12 month period.

$250 Non-refundable DEPOSIT REQUIRED TO HOLD YOUR SPACE, the balance, due 30 days prior to class, will be $2,150.

Dec 2019 Training Workshop Deposit

Cancellation Policy: UP TO 30 days prior to class, your non-refundable deposit is transferable to the next TW, or to a TFH Intensive within a 12 month period.

$1900 Balance  Due  30 days  Prior  to  class

Dec 2019 Training Workshop BALANCE

Rendez-vous en Californie !!!

2nd annual multicultural experience of TFH from the “roots” perspective (English/French)

Call with questions or to register:213 482 4480 ;

June 2019 we will continue a new tradition working with a group of highly motivated FRENCH TFH enthusiasts, making the “pilgrimage”, for advanced TFH led by Matthew Thie in California (Malibu & Los Angeles), and translated from English to French by Juliette Marett.  This unique adventure is open to both French and English-speaking participants. TFH Proficiency, TFH Training Workshop, TFH SRM Workshop, and Metaphors Training Workshop, all in English with FRENCH translation!

Full Program Here:
The story of the first edition by the team party in 2018:
And Matthew's interview on this occasion (titles available in French):