TFH Goal-Setting & Metaphor Workshop 2021

Online Workshop + In-Person Practice Day


TFH Goal Setting & Metaphor Workshop ($400*)
Make Touch for Health balancing more Fun, Profound, Effective and Meaningful.

Using Supportive Dialogue, Positive Goal-Setting and Creative Visualization, access Mental/Emotional and Sensory/Associative aspects of Memory, Posture & Energy to make your TFH balancing more profound, effective and meaningful.  Efficiently utilize the 111 metaphors in the TFH Pocketbook with Chinese 5 Element Metaphors to feel better and to gain new insight and enthusiasm for your life. 


* We are now using a NEW Larger Format book of TFH & Five Element Metaphors,which is the official text of the workshop. For the Print version, click HERE. For the Kindle Version click HERE

From finding an emotion related to a goal to balancing energy by making expressive sounds or combining color visualization with Emotional Stress Release points, the standard TFH protocol provide us with a variety of options for accessing the powerful symbols and energies of the Chinese 5 Element Metaphors.  Adding the Metaphors of 55 Aspects of the Five Elements, 14 Meridian/Organ Functions & 42 Muscle Anatomy/Function/Action/Gesture, we have 111 distinct sets of images that can be dynamically incorporated into our balancing sessions. Participants will become more familiar with the specific metaphors and their symbols, as well as learn a creative process for generating unique possible meanings for the individual person in the specific context.

2021 Goal Setting & Metaphor Workshop Teaching Format:

Due to ongoing uncertainty about gathering in person, and to make the basic TFH Metaphors workshop more accessible in the United States, we are teaching the TFH Goal Setting & Metaphor Workshop ONLINE, with a supplementary follow-up PRACTICE DAY IN-PERSON.

Since best practice for Online Workshops is to have fewer hours in 1 day, we are going to a Friday, Saturday, Sunday schedule, 9am-3pm California time.

The Practice day is open to attendees of the online workshop as well as previous attendees of the In-Person Workshop. Review, Practice and go deeper with muscle testing, goal-setting, and working with Metaphors. This Practice Day satisfies the IKC requirement for in-person Metaphors "make-up" or "bridging" hours for those who wish to become certified to teach in-person. The schedule will be In-Person in Malibu, California, from 9am - 5pm. Bring your swim suit and jump in the ocean after class ;)

2021 Goal Setting & Metaphor Workshop ONLINE - $400*
(*50 Discount with Pre-Payment)

2021 "Metaphors" Dates


2021 Goal Setting & Metaphor Follow-Up Review/Practice Day - $200*


Held in Malibu California (Zuma Beach)

(*50 Discount with Pre-Payment)


2021 "LEVEL 2 + Metaphors "In-Person Practice" Dates


For local people able to attend the Metaphors Online as well as the Practice Day, sign up for both and save $150. (Or come to Malibu for a vaction and take 1 day to practice goal-setting & Metaphor. Early September is an excellent time to enjoy the beach.)

2021 Goal Setting & Metaphor Workshop Online

+ Review/Practice Day in Malibu -$450 (Save $100)

(*50 Discount with Pre-Payment)


2021 Metaphors Online +In-Person Practice Day


2021 TFH Level TWO + Goal Setting & Metaphor Online Intensive

+IN-PERSON Review/Practice Day in Malibu - $750* (save $250)


*$50 Discount for Pre-Payment

TFH 2 + Metaphors Online +In-Person Practice



TFH Meta-Instructor Training ($450): Click here to go the the Meta-Instructor page.
Open to anyone who has taken TFH 1, 2 and the TFH Goal Setting & Metaphors, to go into more depth and practice. Only Certified TFH Instructors who have taken the Meta-Training may teach the TFH Goal-Setting & Metaphors Workshop and provide the official International Kinesiology College certificate. Avid students who attend the Meta-Training and successfully complete the Proficiency Assessment may receive a Certificate of Goal Setting & Metaphor Proficiency. Following up with the TFH Instructor Training may allow you to upgrade to a Metaphor Instructor as well.

Refund Policy: Your prepayment or deposit is transferable to another course within the same calendar year, with 30 days notification PRIOR to original class date.