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Proficiency Assessment/ INSTRUCTOR SKILLS UPDATE

TFH Proficient, IKC Assessed

TFH Proficiency Weekend/ TFH Instructor SKILLS UPDATE

     including Practical and Written Assessment ($450*) 2019

This is a 2-day Workshop where you will work with other TFH'ers who have completed the TFH Synthesis (1-4) as well as current TFH Instructors updating their skills.  In some countries it is an entry-level qualification for entering their professional Specialized Kinesiology, Energy Kinesiology or "Applied Kinesiology**" associations.  Completing this Review, Practice and Assessment will put you on solid footing to continue with the advanced TFH Synthesis Training (Oriented to advanced practice, Communicating TFH, and Instructor preparation).

The TFH Proficiency weekend is currently combined with the UPDATE for TFH Instructors when it is taught by U.S. TFH Faculty (Arlene Green, Matthew Thie). Updating instructors will receive renewed instructor certificates showing their period of IKC registration.

ALL TFH Instructors are required to take the official update and review the TFH 1-4 syllabus within 3 years of their first Instructor certification.  Subsequently, if teaching a minimum number of students, there are additional options for continuing education, including teaching a large volume of students, attending/ presenting at TFHKA conferences, and first attendance of TFH Metaphors and other TFH related Workshops.

You will receive an IKC Certificate of Proficiency upon successful completion:

- TFH Workbook/ 20 Documented Practice Sessions
     - Written Exam (open book)
     - Practical Skills Assessment (open book)

Consolidate your TFH 1-4 skills & assess your proficiency.
The certificate of proficiency is required to continue on to the
advanced TFH Training Workshop/Instructor Certification.

PRE-REQUISITE*: TFH 1-4; A MINIMUM total of 20 documented practice balancing sessions
                                        using Level 1-4 balancing techniques (or prior Instructor Cert.)

* Please note: Beginning in 2018 in the USA, completion of the TFH Workbook is strongly recommended as part of documented learning and proficiency assessment. Instructors trained in the USA who move to other countries to teach may need to complete these requirements as part of their integration with the local IKC program. Workbooks are now available via the TFHKA for purchase by Instructor members to provide to their students.

In 2019 the JUNE Proficiency will be presented in English

*$50 Discount for Pre-Payment

2019 Proficiency/Update


THE TFH SYNTHESIS: TFH 1-4, Goal Setting & Metaphors, and Proficiency Workshop Series

This 6-weekend, 90-hour training program will give you practical hands-on experience in the TFH System of Postural, Energetic and Mental/Emotional balancing, culminating in the Proficiency Weekend to confirm your practical and theoretical TFH skills. (pre-requisite to TFH Instructor/ Consultant Training)

TFH Synthesis Best Package Price: $1850 (Save over $600)

SAVE over 30% when you commit to the Pre-Paid package:
Complete TFH Synthesis (1-4, Goal Setting & Metaphor, and Proficiency Assessment)

Weekend Workshops held in Los Angeles, near Echo Park. Address and instructions provided upon registration.


**Note: Applied Kinesiology or AK, in the USA, refers specifically to the work of George Goodheart and his International College of Applied Kinesiology (a training that is only open to physicians who are licensed to diagnose and their supervised paraprofessionals). Especially in other countries, "AK" is sometimes used as a generic term interchangeably with Specialized Kinesiology or Energy Kinesiology. TFH in particular was designed as a layman's application of basic Applied Kinesiology techniques, using some of the muscle testing and touch reflexes from AK, in a holistic, posture/energy balancing approach, rather than a diagnostic/treatment model.

Refund Policy: Your prepayment or deposit is transferable to another course within the same calendar year, with 30 days notification PRIOR to original class date.