$400.00 USD

Touch For Health Level 2: Live ONLINE Workshop

Continue your TFH Journey!

This is a 4-part workshop, we will meet Fridays, May 24, 31 & June 21, 28, 2024, from 8am to 12pm PST.   

In this 4-part LIVE Online Video Workshop students will learn to use the Chinese 5 Elements and 24-Hour Meridian Wheel for energy balancing. Learn simple techniques to relieve pain and release stress to enhance future performance. Also, build on your knowledge of foods for balancing by checking for energetic sensitivity. Use the simple yet amazingly effective “Meridian Walking” technique to control pain in specific locations in the body.

Sessions will be recorded for your review after class, and for use in future online classes.


Participate Live Online in your LIBRARY


This course builds on the skills taught in level 1, and introduces 14 additional muscles and more balancing touch reflexes.


  • TFH Level1



You will Learn:

  • 14 additional muscle tests
  • Circuit locating to find an optimal Touch Reflex or Alarm Points to indicate excess energy
  • Emotional Stress Release (for future performance)
  • Assess energy patterns in the 24-hour Wheel & Five Element (seasonal) cycles and find a single key-point to balance all the muscles/ energy meridians.
  • Food testing- identify foods that raise energy, lower energy, or are neutral 
  • Acupressure Holding Points, Neuromuscular Reflexes (Spindle Cell and Golgi Tendon) and more!
  • More simple pain control; “Meridian Walking” technique for localized pain

NO Refund Policy: Your payment or deposit is transferable to another course within the same calendar year, with 30 days notification PRIOR to original class date.