$50.00 USD

Intro to Touch for Health: Live ONLINE

Start Your Touch for Health  Kinesiology Journey!

In this 2-Hour LIVE Online Video Workshop students will learn some of the basic principles of Touch for Health, including simple energizers, a brief history, self-testing/self-balancing techniques and demonstration of the TFH 14-Muscle/Meridian Balancing.

Sessions will be recorded for your review after class, and for use in future online classes.

January 12, 2024  (Friday)    8am - 10am

Participate Live Online in your LIBRARY



Recommended: Touch for Health: Complete Edition

Required for TFH Proficiency: Touch for Health Synthesis WORKBOOK   


You will Learn:

  • Simple Energizers for every day vitality, centering, and flexibility.

  •  Brief History of Dr. Goodheart's Applied Kinesiology, and Dr. John Thie's Touch for Health®

  • Emotional Stress Release- a very easy to apply, yet profound tool to relieve pain, release stress, increase function/range of motion, reduce "fight/flight" response and increase "rest & digest", centered, focused mind and body.

  • Demonstration of the TFH 14-Muscle/Meridian Balancing procedure AS AN ONLINE COACHING FOR SELF-BALANCING!

  • At the heart of the TFH muscle/energy balancing system is the 14-muscle /14-Meridian balance. We will demonstrate coaching a volunteer to self-balance  one important postural muscle related to each of the major energy pathways from acupuncture, using only gentle, non-invasive Touch Reflexes. This is one of the main foundational procedures in the field of Energy Kinesiology.

NO Refund Policy: Your payment or deposit is transferable to another course within the same calendar year, with 30 days notification PRIOR to original class date.