$2,500.00 USD

Touch for Health Clinical Intensive Retreat

May 6-12, 2024

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Learn TFH Levels 1-4 in an intimate group setting with an intensive format, in a  Clinical Immersion at a beautiful private hillside retreat in Malibu, CA overlooking the Pacific Ocean.


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     This is an excellent clinical review of TFH techniques if you have had the weekend workshops, and may be counted as a repeat of levels 1-4 for those fulfilling their TFH Consultant requirements.


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When Dr. John Thie retired from 30 years of chiropractic practice, he designed what he felt was the ideal setting for working with clients; a retreat in which each client receives several balances over several days, and observes others being balanced, as well as learning and practicing the techniques that they experience and observe.

Matthew Thie continues in this tradition, balancing each participant for their own personal issues and goals, whether they be physical, energetic, mental/emotional, spiritual, etc.  It is recommended that each participant bring 3-5 life issues that they would like to explore and balance during the retreat.  The IKC, TFH 1-4 curriculum will be covered, with opportunities to practice with other participants, primarily in the evenings.


Partly to accommodate people traveling from every part of the world and partly to offer an in-depth immersion into the system, the 7-day workshop is very INTENSIVE, incorporating 60 hours of training into 7 days, including morning, afternoon, and evening (independent) practice sessions.  This allows the avid student to complete the 4 Levels in 7 consecutive days of Workshops.


The private retreat is located on a hilltop in Malibu, California surrounded by gardens and overlooking the Pacific Ocean. Private room (sharing bathroom with one other participant) and meals are included in the price of the workshop from Monday through Sunday (from lunch on day one to lunch on the last day), allowing a complete immersion in the TFH system, and time for quiet contemplation, away from the everyday world. There is no television or internet in the basic "monk's quarters" style of rooms, cell phone reception is limited, there is WIFI in the lobby.


Participants are responsible for arranging their own travel and transfers, we will be happy to assist with information as needed.

It is not recommended that any excursions from the Retreat be planned during the workshop days.

More detailed information will be provided upon registration of workshop (including location of venue), but please feel free to reach us in the "Contact" menu if you have questions.

Refund Policy: Your prepayment or deposit is transferable to another course within a year, with 30 days notification PRIOR to original class date.