Touch for Health Level 2: One-Point Balancing 

Touch for Health Level 2

This course builds on the skills taught in level 1, and introduces 14 additional muscles and more balancing touch reflexes.

Certification upon completion: 15hr attendance certificate

Touch for Health Level 2 Workshop
Touch for Health Balancing Level 2

Build your Balancing Toolbox

Practice new balancing methods and techniques

Learn to use the Chinese 5 Elements and 24-Hour Meridian Wheel for energy balancing. Learn simple techniques to relieve pain and release stress to enhance future performance. Also, build on your knowledge of foods for balancing by checking for energetic sensitivity. Use the simple yet amazingly effective “Meridian Walking” technique to control pain in specific locations in the body.

Touch for Health Level 2 Syllabus:

  • 14 additional muscle tests

  • Circuit locating to find an optimal Touch Reflex or Alarm Points to indicate excess energy

  •   Emotional Stress Release (for future performance)

  • Assess energy patterns in the 24-hour Wheel & Five Element (seasonal) cycles and find a single key-point to balance all the muscles/ energy meridians .

  • Food testing- identify foods that raise energy, lower energy, or are neutral 

  •  Acupressure Holding Points, Neuromuscular Reflexes (Spindle Cell and Golgi Tendon) and more!

  • More simple pain control; “Meridian Walking” technique for localized pain

You Will Need


  • Touch for Health Level 1 
  • Practical and written exercises from Level 1



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Touch for Health Level 2

For your Personal and Professional Touch for Health Practice

Continue your Touch for Health Education and develop an active practice of creation, maintenance and restoring of your own health and wellbeing.

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What People are Saying


“I learned about Matthew's touch for health from the best massage I ever got. I flew out to California to learn how to identify energy imbalances in my body and what causes it and how to turn them back on. During my time with him, my back pain all went away and my movement was natural and easy for the first time in a long time. I was also glad to see how easy and practical it was, and the results were not arguable.  Thanks Matt! ”


Matthew Thie is an extraordinary example of a teacher, author, and mentor who who is a living example of what he does. Few people are as singularly aligned with a vision and dream as Matthew faithfully demonstrates. He leads with heart, intention, and above all compassion. May you be lucky enough to attend his wonderful workshops!


TFH CAN and WILL transform the way you look at your world, enhancing possibilities and connecting you to your higher purpose in life. 


Matt is a gifted teacher with an impressive ability to communicate the principles and practices of kinesiology. His classes are fun, lively and very effective. 

What is Touch for Health?

Touch for Health (TFH) is a system of balancing posture, attitude and life energy for greater comfort, vitality and enjoyment of your BEST life.

Touch for Health is the most widely used system of Energy Kinesiology in the world. Learn more about this easy, simple, and safe system of kinesiology (muscle-testing and energy-balancing) with goal-setting and creative visualization.


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