Touch for Health Goal Setting & Metaphors

Touch for Health Metaphors

Make Touch for Health balancing more enjoyable, profound, meaningful and effective using supportive dialogue, positive goal-setting and creative visualization. 

Certification upon completion: 15hr attendance certificate

Touch for Health Level 2 Workshop
Touch for Health Balancing Level 2

TFH Metaphors for more Meaningful and Effective Balancing

Using positive goal-setting and creative visualization.

Access mental/emotional and sensory/associative aspects of memory, posture & energy to make your TFH balancing more profound, effective and meaningful. Efficiently utilize the 111 metaphors in the TFH pocketbook with Chinese 5 element Metaphors, by TFH founder John F. Thie and Matthew Thie, to feel better and to gain new insight and enthusiasm for your life.

From finding an emotion related to a goal to balancing energy by making expressive sounds or combining color visualization with emotional stress release points, the standard TFH protocol provide us with a variety of options for accessing the powerful symbols of the Chinese 5 element Metaphors. Adding the Metaphors of meridian/organ function & muscle anatomy/function/gesture, we have 111 distinct images that can be dynamically incorporated into our balancing sessions

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Touch for Health Levels 1 & 2 

Touch for Health Workshops


TFH Pocketbook with Chinese 5 Element Metaphors   

Touch for Health Books

Touch for Health Goal Setting & Metaphors

For your Personal and Professional Touch for Health Practice

Continue your Touch for Health Education and develop an active practice of creation, maintenance and restoring of your own health and well-being.

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What People are Saying


“The Touch for Health Metaphors Workshop is one of the most amazing experiences I've had.Time was well managed and Matthew clearly loves not only the subject but training new instructors in the science and art of this aspect of Kinesiology. For any one who wishes to make a change in their lives and those of other people I highly recommend this.”


“Matthew has a very clear presentation and compassionate teaching style, greatly enhanced by the depth of knowledge gained through experiencing TFH on a personal basis from a very early age . He is attentive to the nuances of what is happening throughout the balance experience. The Touch For Health Metaphors Workshop was a very uplifting experience!”

MARE STEPHENS, Brain Gym® Instructor

“Amazed at what a powerful tool they are for accessing deeper meaning in the balances.”

DENISE CAMBIOTTI, Founder: Muscle Tuners, Canada

“I wish I had attended this class sooner. The seemingly mysterious metaphors from the TFH Complete Edition book are much easier to apply now. I am grateful Matthew took this workshop on the road so we could experience his teaching style and the benefits of the Metaphors!”

What is Touch for Health?

Touch for Health® (TFH) is a system of balancing posture, attitude and life energy for greater comfort, vitality and enjoyment of YOUR life. 

Touch for Health is the most widely used system of energetic kinesiology in the world. Learn more about this easy, simple, and safe system of kinesiology (muscle-testing and energy-balancing) with goal-setting and creative visualization.

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