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Touch for Health Synthesis Program

Touch for Health Synthesis

Completing the TFH Synthesis builds a solid foundation in the fundamental kinesiology system, Touch for Health.

Certification upon completion:  Certificate of Attendance for Levels 1-4

Touch for Health Synthesis
Touch for Health Balancing Level 2

Balancing with TFH Kinesiology

Learn to balance your body

You will learn how to balance muscles via the Meridian energy circuits from Chinese Medicine/Acupuncture, as well as using other touch reflexes, such as Spinal Reflexes, Neurolymphatic Reflexes, Neurovascular Reflexes and Neuromuscular Reflexes. Developing a holistic, self-responsibility approach, you will learn to restore balance, improve posture, alleviate pain and stress, recover mental and emotional harmony and enhance vitality.

With practice, you will gain confidence and competency with the techniques of Touch for Health. The workshops provide an environment to work with a variety of people in a supportive setting, and equip participants with many valuable skills. 

Completion of Touch for Health Synthesis

AND what comes next

The TFH Synthesis includes a minimum of 60 classroom hours to cover Levels 1-4 , usually taught over 4 weekends. The workshops will provide practical, hands-on experience in the TFH system of postural, energetic and mental/ emotional balancing. A certificate of attendance is provided for participants in Levels 1-4, from the International Kinesiology College (IKC), which is the only authorized worldwide organization responsible for curriculum and standards of Touch for Health.

The TFH Synthesis culminates in an additional minimum 15 hour Proficiency workshop that confirms practical TFH skills and theoretical knowledge, including written and practical assessments (open book). The Certificate of Proficiency from the IKC is issued upon successful completion of the assessment.

You will then be ready to attend the advanced TFH Training Workshop, which is recognized as important for practitioners who wish to communicate TFH effectively in an educational/self-responsibility model. Upon successful completion of the Training Workshop, which includes further practical and written assessment, you will have the option to register with the IKC and receive a Registered Touch for Health Instructor certificate, authorizing you to teach the TFH Synthesis, following the official IKC curriculum and issuing the IKC TFH Certificates used and recognized worldwide.

Touch for Health Balancing Level 2

Touch for Health Education

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What is Touch for Health?

Touch for Health is a system of balancing posture, attitude and life energy for greater comfort, vitality and enjoyment of YOUR life. 

Touch for Health is the most widely used system of energetic kinesiology in the world. Learn more about this easy, simple, and safe system of kinesiology (muscle-testing and energy-balancing) with goal-setting and creative visualization.

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